Who said Wall Street is boring? Do you know what stock traded for over a million dollars a share, the stock that had the symbol OO, or the stock that paid $8.5 million for a domain name? The new book, STOCK MARKET TRIVIA, has this information and much, much more unusual and fascinating financial trivia.  

Stock Market Trivia

STOCK MARKET TRIVIA is a compilation of numerous interesting facts about Wall Street and the stock market. The book covers everything from the billionaire investor who was in a soap opera to Baby Bonds to Wall Street jokes to the stock that owned a rock that had George Washington's graffiti on it. It is an easy read that would make a great gift for the person who invests in the stock market. The book, available at Amazon, retails for $19.95.

Stock Market Trivia Volume 2

If you think Wall Street is boring, you will think differently after reading this book. This is the second volume in the Stock Market Trivia series. It includes weird stock certificates, unusual stock market correlations, celebrity stock indexes, the stock that went from $5.5 million a share to 12 cents, the Hemline Index, and more. SPECIAL SECTION: Includes three chapters on investment bubbles from Charles Mackay's book, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, from 1841.

Let Me Entertain You with Antique Stock Certificates

Since the beginning of time, even sitting around the campfire telling stories, entertainment has been the most amusing activity ever to hold the attention of mankind. After all, besides work, relaxation, and sleep, what else is there besides entertainment? A unique way of tracking the history of entertainment, at least from the 1800's, is through the review of antique stock certificates. I have been collecting antique stocks and bonds for many years, specializing in entertainment related stock certificates.

This hobby of collecting antique stock certificates, also called scripophily, is a fascinating way of finding information about companies, the businesses they were in, and who ran them. When you come across a certificate that is signed by Harry Houdini or Walt Disney, it can spark your interest. Maybe you even discover a certificate that was issued by a celebrity.